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The heart of a home is in the Kitchen!

September 20, 2012 - Updated: February 27, 2013

The Heart of a home is in the KITCHEN!


Often in a home the room with the highest amount of traffic is a Kitchen. It is a place to have family over, a place of discussion and everything in between. It is the heart of a home.

Quite often people complain about the lack of functionality in their kitchen as well as the lack of room. No matter the size of your kitchen there are ways to create a space and functionality for entertaining as well as day to day uses. The space does not need to be massive in order to create the best kitchen for you.

The key is to ensure your kitchen is set up so that everything you use is within quick and easy access to one another. And of course to maximize counter space. Any kitchen can be beautiful and functional if it is set up the right way!









A few tips and pointers if you are remodeling your kitchen and creating a perfect layout:


  1. Spread your appliances out- do this so that they do NOT become the focal point of your kitchen. However spread them out so that there is quick and easy access to everything else. Practicality is key.
  2. Make sure that you properly measure! Often you need fillers in between cabinets so ensure that when you are remodeling an actual contractor checks it over or the company you are using does! Even half an inch difference can completely throw off your entire kitchen floor plan
  3. Lighting- In any room the lighting is essential to creating a bigger look. In Kitchens we personally like pot lighting, track lighting, and natural light from big windows.
  4. Create Ample Storage- it is better to have more storage than less. If you have the option of creating one tall pantry do it! This gives you a few extra feet that would normally be wall space.
  5. Tie all of your colours in together- Maybe you want a BRIGHT counter top or a funky back splash.... Just make sure all of the colours tie together for a consistent look
  6. Cabinet Colours- choose a cabinet colour that will never go out of style. Pick a colour that allows you to change the colours of the walls, counter top, back splash etc...
  7. Chose a theme- as we have said before in previous design blogs. Pick a theme or a style and stick to it!









Things we love in Kitchens:


  1. Chef’s Cabinets- not seen very often because they can be rather expensive Chef’s cabinets are a very unique way to creating more space that is ‘hidden’ A chefs Cabinet looks just like your standard Cabinet however there is a moveable vertical shelving unit inside which gives you double the storage space when you pull it forward revealing stationary shelves behind
  2. Sky Lights- Often seen with homes that have had extensions. If you are adding an extension on to your kitchen think of adding a Sky Light. They create a brighter space and are a unique way to brighten up your kitchen and add natural light
  3. Hardwood- Light Dark Medium ! Doesn’t matter the colour as long as it works with the space Hardwood is easy to clean and maintain and more resistant to chipping versus tiles. Hardwood is becoming more and more prominent in kitchens today.
  4. Hidden Garbage’s- Quite often in newer kitchen designs you will see that the recycling and garbage have been hidden inside the cabinet. This is a great way to cut back on physical space in the area. But also to hide away unwanted things. Also makes trips to the street on garbage day easier!
  5. Breakfast Bar- A breakfast bar at the end of any counter space can be created by adding an extra level. This creates added seating room for entertaining, and also depth to your design.
  6. Islands- if your kitchen allows room for an island this is a great alternative to add additional counter space. Islands can be designed beautifully in any shape and size to fit your kitchen needs








Counter Tops are often one of the most expensive pieces in a kitchen. There are many beautiful stones and designs out there to fit any kitchen you can dream of. Here is a little bit of information about different counter tops:

  1. Laminate- practical and easy to change... laminate is great if you’re on a budget!
  2. Granite- skip the cutting board! You can cut directly on granite without fear of scratch or resistance. Granite is great in any room throughout the home however it does require maintenance and ensure that you are using proper Granite cleaners.
  3. Quartz- a very interesting product. Food and hot liquids are un able to penetrate through Quartz making it extremely safe especially for a high traffic kitchen. An excellent alternative to Granite if you tend to cook a lot and may be a bit messy! All you need is soap and water to clean this surface
  4. Marble- a natural product found all over the world. There are many different types of marble some even manmade. Maintaining your marbles natural state can be a bit tricky but with the proper maintenance regiment Marble can last longer than any other counter top.









Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Or do you have a home you are in the process of flipping? Contact The Fresh Approach Real Estate Team today. We have an excellent contracting team we work with to make any space beautiful. We are constantly working with buyers and sellers all over Milton, Mississauga, Oakville and surrounding areas on different design projects. If you are looking for more information on some of the design projects we have previously worked on email us today at to see some of the work that we have done and what we could do for you!


Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Thank you,


Allana Thompson, Christy D’Oliveira, Kyrsten Feere


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