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Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Returning to Toronto for 10th Year

September 23, 2015 - Updated: September 23, 2015

As the summer comes to a close and fall begins, we once again look forward to one of the most anticipated events of the year for Toronto's artistic and design communities, and city-loving night-crawlers in general. From sunset on October 3rd to sunrise on October 4th, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche will bring over 110 projects by 400 artists to Downtown Toronto, including 60 projects by Toronto's art community and four curated exhibitions produced by the City of Toronto.

Last year's festivities drew over one million people to our city streets, 200,000 of which were out-of-town visitors. The 2015 event is shaping up to be just as big of a draw, with major installations planned for the 10th annual celebration of art, ranging from small-scale sculpture and performance art to large-scale mixed-media and interactive installations. Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2015's independent and special projects will be held at various points in downtown Toronto, while the four major exhibitions will be concentrated in key areas.

The area surrounding City Hall will feature the Blank and White Night exhibition. Black and White Night will offer 8 exhibits, seven of which come from the mind of internationally acclaimed artist and photographer JR. Included in this zone is JR's Inside Outa photography installation which will allow the public to contribute their face with the use of a photo booth truck, to be stationed at Nathan Phillips Square starting on September 28th.

toronto, art, design, scotiabank nuit blanche, nuit blancheStill for Inside Out by JR


 The College Street/University of Toronto area will be host to The New Coordinates of The Americas. Curated by Agustin Pérez Rubio, this zone will feature 12 exhibition projects, between the University of Toronto at College Street in the west to Carlton and Jarvis in the east. Included in the dozen exhibits in this zone is a co-production from acclaimed Canadian artist Michael Snow and Buenos Aires-based Claudio Caldini, showing a 12-hour long film capturing a nighttime flight between Buenos Aires and Toronto, called Night Flight.

toronto, art, design, scotiabank nuit blanche, nuit blancheStill for Night Flight by Michael Snow and Claudio Caldini


The Toronto waterfront between York Street and Parliament Street will feature The Work of Wind,, a collection of 13 exhibits curated by Christine Shaw, meant to reflect the Beaufort Scale of Wind Force, and its factors between 0 (calm), and 12 (hurricane force). Each number on the Beaufort Scale of Wind Force will be represented, notably Black Cloud by Carlos Amorales, which represents hurricane force wind with its abstract depiction of 30,000 black moths (made of paper) fixed to the walls and ceiling of the clerestory of The Power Plant at Harbourfront.

toronto, art, design, scotiabank nuit blanche, nuit blancheStill for Black Cloud by Carlos Amorales

The 10 for the 10th - Memory Lane  exhibition, curated by Che Kothari, will bring ten projects to ten of Toronto's most important cultural institutions, including OCAD University, the AGO, Wychwood Barns, The Gladstone Hotel, the TIFF Bell Lightbox, the Gardiner Museum, and other important cultural organizations. Among the exhibits is Up in The Sky High by Faisal Anwar, a visual installation that combines clusters of suspended white eco-friendly balloons with photographic memories from previous years of Nuit Blanche.

toronto, art, design, scotiabank nuit blanche, nuit blancheStill for Up in the Sky High by Faisal Anwar

The dozens of Independent Projects scattered around downtown will offer plenty to look at, and while there will be several to choose from, one with an attention-grabbing promotional image is Lost Giants a lighting installation by Heather Schibli that will illuminate the southern facade of the Art Deco Commerce Court North office tower in the Financial District.

toronto, art, design, scotiabank nuit blanche, nuit blancheStill for Lost Giants by Heather Schibli

In addition to the curated and independent projects, Nuit Blanche will also offer seven Special Projects, including Domestic Motion, a lighting installation by Olafur Eliasson, to be held in the Great Hall of Union Station. Domestic Motion utilizes a curtain of rotating acrylic glass prisms, which hang in a doorway and are illuminated from behind to create refracting beams of light.

toronto, art, design, scotiabank nuit blanche, nuit blanche

Do you plan on attending Nuit Blanche this year?

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