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May 16, 2013 - Updated: May 16, 2013


Keller Williams RED DAY






This past Thursday May 9th our team The Fresh Approach (Allana Thompson, Christy D’Oliveira, Kyrsten Feere) took part in our office’s event RED DAY.







RED DAY is not just specific to our office but involves every single Keller Williams Brokerage in North America. With over 80,000 real estate agents taking part in this event and focusing specifically on a cause within their community.


RED DAY (Rennew, Energize, Donate) is an initiative started by Mo Anderson and a day dedicated to her hard work within various communities. Often times known as the “Velvet Hammer” for her uncompromising approach Mo has always actively been involved in her community and is a driving force behind Keller Williams Charitable work.







Every year on the second Thursday of May all of the Keller Williams Offices across North America shut down to “Give Where You Live” A cause we are very proud to have been a part of! As a brand new office Keller Williams Realty Solutions kicked off their first annual RED DAY this past week!


Our office Keller Williams Realty Solutions chose to help the Salvation Army located on South Mississsauga. As the largest non government direct provider of social services in Canada the Salvation Army helps approximately 1.8 million people per year. Each day they touch the lives of different families, children and adults. The Salvation Army helps people in their community by providing emotional guidance, financial assistance, food drives, organized activities and much more. The Salvation Army has created a safe and non-judgemental place for people to go when they are in need. They consistently help people in our community with their fight against poverty. With 1 in every 11 people living in poverty the volunteers and employees of the Salvation Army focus on diminishing poverty within their community by assisting people with different ways to get back on their feet financially.








Our work at The Salvation Army included various things such as; painting bathrooms, painting rooms, setting up the gym, organizing gardens, cleaning, and much more. With all of our agents on hand it was a great experience to come together as a whole for a greater cause! We are so excited at the success of our first RED DAY and the many more we are able to be a part of in the years to follow.


Although RED DAY happens once a year it is not just a one day event for our associates at KWRS. It is a reflection of the Keller Williams Culture itself and our appreciation of people within our community and doing what we can to build a better life for someone else. It is a movement to show what can happen when people come together for the good of one cause.


Thank you to everyone who showed their support for RED DAY by coming to our office BBQ, and those who showed their support through our Social Media Outlets! For more information about how YOU can get involved contact one of our team members today!

For more pictures and information


The Fresh Approach Team with Keller Williams Realty Solutions,

Allana Thompson, Christy D’Oliveira, Kyrsten Feere


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