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Home Inspection

January 10, 2013 - Updated: February 27, 2013

Home Inspections


A Home Inspection is a condition placed upon the purchase on your home that is an investment into your home. Depending on the circumstances sometimes this condition can be waived. However under normal circumstances buyers should look at a home inspection as something that is crucial to finding out the inner workings of a home. Whether you have owned a home or not prior to the purchase you are currently involved in often there are issues within a home that are not present to the naked eye.

The typical cost of a home inspection can range between $300.00 – 500.00 and can take up to 3 hours in time. We recommend it for all home purchases even the re-sale of a home under 5 years old.



For those of you who have seen a home inspection happen you know that the general process of a home inspection is as follows;

The home inspector surveys the interior and exterior surfaces and dwellings of the property.

They then will present you with a written report outlining the home inspection. The report will show you issues that need to be addressed and order of importance. The home inspection will also generally outline the potential costs to fix certain things, and will show you if there is something within your home that is not up to code.

The home inspector will then take the client on a walk through of the home pointing out all of the defects etc... outlined within the home inspection.

The most important part of a home inspection is the walk through because it allows the client to review all of the issues that the home inspector has outlined in his summary of your new home. It shows the new home owners different features within the home. It is very important to pay attention throughout the walk through because it will show you things that normally may be over looked. When going through a walk through there is no such thing as a “stupid question”. Home inspectors are there to point out current pressing issues and issues that could arise in the future. If you have a question or need clarification on something there is never any harm in asking! Often when moving into a home the new owners may have renovation plans of their own. Let your home inspector know this because he will be able to tell you which issues will be corrected automatically when these renovations happen.



It is very important to find a home inspector whose opinion comes highly recommended. Sometimes the listing agent will have a home inspection done prior to having the home available on the market to show potential buyers known issues that are already present within the home. This can be very helpful in calculating potential extra costs. However it is still best to have your own home inspection done even if there has already been one provided. Having a second opinion provided by someone whose opinion you trust will show the issues present in black and white.

Recently this situation arose for our team while showing a home to a client of ours who also happened to be a contractor. This particular home was older and needed cosmetic and structural work done to the property. When viewing the home inspection all of the issues that were present in the home had been cited however the costs listed to correct them were definitely on the generous side. Because of the extensive contracting that would need be done to certain portions of the home things like electrical and plumbing were very undervalued in the report, and if a second home inspection was not recommended could have been very costly for our client.

Another recent example of a home inspection we have had our home inspector found a defect in one of the piping lines. Looking at the pipe there was absolutely no defect present. However the home inspector informed us and our client that there were two different types of materials used on the piping which do not fuse properly together and at any time could cause a major leak. Fixing this problem immediately costs about $50.00. Having not known this our client could have potentially been in for costly repairs in the future with potential mold issues, replacing the piping line, and damage to surfaces surrounding it.

Those are just two examples of issues we have had recently where a home inspection proved to be very beneficial for our buyers.


Home Inspections are not always what you see on T.V. On T.V they show you the worst scenario possible for your home. More often than not it is just little fixes or issues that could arise over time that pose no immediate threat to the purchase. However just in case there is something hiding in between the walls it is always best to be sure! Because in the event that a major issue is present that $300 – $500 could be the best money you have ever spent!

Having a home inspection done to your home can also help you to learn things about your home. Quite often homes that are older may have a “musty” scent in the basement. This does not necessarily mean that there is water damage at all! Or that any issue has ever been present. BUT often buyers will smell that in a basement and worry that there has been water damage and that the house is not fit for purchase. Usually a simple dehumidifier can do the trick to have the scent completely removed. For potential buyers reading this if that smell is present in a home you are looking at, look around to see if a dehumidifier is present. If there is one then most likely there is just excessive moisture in the basement area because of the homes age and is not an indication of mold or water damage.


A real life Home Inspection is not what you see on T.V and will not provide you with a Yes or No to if you should purchase the home. People purchase homes for different reasons with different plans. The purpose of the home inspection is to outline the issues and the decision is still ultimately left up to the buyer with guidance from their Real Estate Sales Representative as to whether or not the house is still everything they dreamed of and more.


For our Home Inspections we use Gary Longstreet from Global Property Inspections. For more information check out their website at


If you have any questions in regards to home inspections or the buying and listing process of your dream home please contact one of The Fresh Approach Real Estate team members with Keller Williams Realty Solutions.


The Fresh Approach Team,


Allana Thompson, Christy D’Oliveira, Kyrsten Feere


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