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Green Life Project

September 19, 2012 - Updated: February 27, 2013

 Green Life Project


At The Fresh Approach Real Estate Team we put a major emphasis on ‘going green’ and effectively using resources to cut down on how we impact the environment with our carbon foot print. We are always looking for ways to advocate less waste and energy consumption, and we pride ourselves on progressing towards a paperless office. All of the communication we have within our office has almost completely gone paperless!


We had previously mentioned in one of our blog articles that we would be posting information about different communities that we work in etc... We have a blog article coming soon all about Milton which includes all of the beautiful things to see and do! However separately we wanted to make note of the Green Life Buildings which are located in the heart of down town Milton.







The Green Life Buildings are made by DelRidge Homes. The Buildings in Milton are North America’s FIRST Net Zero Condominiums. This means that in Milton we proudly can say we have the first Condominium building which is 100% Green. The units inside these buildings are spacious and beautifully designed with awesome layouts. The building itself is very quiet and you would not know that there is any different type of heating system within it. For those of you who have not seen the Green Life Project Buildings they are constructed so the parking lot and the top of the building are covered in Solar Panels which provide the building with the necessary energy needed. The buildings themselves are situated in the heart of Old Milton located very close to Mill Pond, downtown Milton near various Fine Dining restaurants, and with a beautiful view of the Niagara Escarpment. The location fits perfectly with adopting the go-green philosophy since it is located within walking distance to all necessary amenities.


A lot of new construction will claim to be ‘green friendly’ but are not actually 100% green... a few unique attributes that this building has are;

  • Ground source (Geo-Thermal) Heating and Cooling
  • On Grid Electricity from Solar Rays
  • On Grid Electricity from Wind Turbines
  • Solar Street Lighting
  • Solar Powered Parking Lot
  • Thermo pane insulated windows
  • Green Life projects use 20% of the energy consumption that a typical condo building uses
  • Geothermal energy is 4 times as efficient as the highest efficiency gas furnace on the market


 In addition to that not only are these buildings ecological but they are also ECONOMICAL. The average building costs of maintenance fee’s are approximately 40 cents per square foot. Green Life buildings average cost is approximately 5 cents per square foot, which is more than a considerable difference! With your average maintenance fee's ranging from $100.00- $140.00 per unit!! Quite a difference from the vast majority of condo building fee's and are actually considered the lowest average condo fee's in all of Canada!






Not only do the Green Life Buildings have all of the unique features listed above but they also are uniquely designed inside. The Floor plans more spacious with higher ceilings and distinguishing features to make the interior of these buildings not your average condominiums. There are still several models for sale ranging from 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 2 bedroom plus Den, and 3 bedroom units. The Green Life Project is currently developing Phase 2 and units are still available as assignment (purchase the contract from the original buyer). Phase 2 prices range from the low $200,000's to mid $300,000's for 1, 2, 3 bedroom units!

There are several Re-sale phase 1 units available. These condominiums are absolutely beautiful and modern inside! Prices for the re-sale units range from the low $200,000's. If you`re looking for an investment opportunity, these units have been known to rent out from approximately $1400-$1650 a month!

A 1 Bedroom Green Life Condo ranges from 700-900 square feet

A 2 Bedroom Green Life Condo ranges from1100 -1300 square feet

A 2 Bedroom + Den or 3-BR Green Life Condo ranges from  1100-1470 square feet


As you can see, what makes these units stand out among your average condo is the size. The floor plans themselves are unique and maximize every inch within the unit. The Green Life buildings feature a wide variety of floor plans and to go with their futuristic theme they also have named every unit a eco-friendly name (The Fig, Starfruit, Avocado etc...) This is definitely not your typical condo building and for those of you looking to make a move we highly recommend seeing these units!







A Few Tips to GO GREEN in your home and SAVE money! :

  1. Turn off ALL lights that you do not need on
  2. Set your thermostat so it is pre programmed to cool or heat throughout certain parts of the day
  3. Re Use and Recycle- don't throw everything out! If it can be reused then reuse it :)
  4. Instead of using plastic bags from stores bring your own
  5. CAR POOL or Ride a Bike.... There are plenty of ways to cut down on gas emissions
  6. Cut Down on Paper- Print Double Sided.... Instead of using a phone book look online!
  7. Give Things Away- what is one persons trash could be another person's treasure
  8. Buy Local- if you know something is produced locally, consider how much energy it took to have that product available versus a product from over seas
  9. Inflate your tires- this help's gas mileage!
  10. Shorten your shower time- every minute is approximately 5 gallons of water
  11. Cut down on your mail- have bills and receipts sent to you electronically
  12. Wash clothes in cold water instead of hot
  13. Line Dry your clothes when the summer season is upon us
  14. Unplug unused chargers and appliances
  15. Recycle glass or reuse glass jars in your kitchen



Those are 15 simple tips to help cut down the amount of waste we use on a day to day basis!



For those of you who have not seen the Green Life Project buildings in Milton is full of useful information about all of the ways that this building has gone completely green. If you would like to see any of the units available in these buildings for new or resale homes please contact The Fresh Approach Real Estate Team. The Green Life Project buildings are an amazing investment with low maintenance costs, attractive and spacious floor plans and great rental income for those landlords out there...Go Down Town Milton!


Hope everyone is having an excellent and eco-friendly week!


Allana Thompson, Christy D'Oliveira, Kyrsten Feere


Contact us Today with any questions. We are so proud Milton is the first community to have a 100% GREEN living condominium!

Allana thompson:

Christy D'Oliveira:

Kyrsten Feere:




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