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Designing a Teenagers Bed Room

December 19, 2012 - Updated: February 27, 2013

Designing A Teen’s Bedroom





Designing a teenagers bed room can be a lot of fun but also difficult! There are many concerns that both parents and teens have in regards to colour scheme, storage, design and practicality.





Here are a few tips of things that can help:

  1. Look for multi-use items
    1. Units that have ample storage ie-desk with built in shelves or storage compartments
    2. If there is a TV in the room look for furniture that a TV could fit on top off
    3. Not enough Closet Space? Look for a wardrobe with a rack built in to hang clothing articles
    4. Looking for a gorgeous bench you want to put in a bedroom but can’t justify the room it takes up? Look for one with a built in chest to store sweaters
  2. Easy to clean items
    1. Avoid junky and bulky items by focusing on things that can be easily maintained and cleaned
    2. If there are a lot of articles without a place create a wall shelf or rack to add to floor space- can also look very decorative
  3. Accessories and Decor
    1. Focus on picture frames that are metal or wood and can easily be dusted on a regular basis
    2. If you have certain items in your room that you want to be a “focal point” make sure there is enough space to allocate for these things
    3. No where to put the TV? Look for a wall-mount or a TV with a built in DVD player to maximize space
    4. Often wardrobes and dressers become places where jewellery, CD’s, and other things are stored- find accessories that can hold these nick nacks and free up counter space
    5. If you find your flooring to be ‘bla’ and are looking to add more of a statement an area rug can definitely do the trick!
    6. Using just a simple bed frame? Buying a plain headboard and changing the design over time can brighten up a room and is an easy way to make a quick change to a design scheme- also inexpensive
  4. Furniture:
    1. Use furniture that is less bulky
    2. Focus on colouring which can be used under different room themed setting (light wood or dark wood will never go out of style and can adapt to different colour palettes)
    3. If you aren’t set on a certain colour or idea look for things which could be re-used in time or that the colour could be changed to
  5. Colour Scheme:
    1. Try to avoid using to many dark colours on the walls as they can be hard to remove
    2. Opt for lighter colours- they are easier to paint over later
    3. Now-a-days wallpaper isn’t what it used to be. You can find a tasteful wallpaper that fits your design scheme easily. Often they are very easy to put up and remove without damaging walls
    4. Focus on using colours with accent pieces through decor, bedding etc
  6. Out with the old- In with the new:
    1. Have an old lamp sitting around but you don’t like the colour? Spray the lamp to flow with your new design scheme. A simple way to change things up while saving money!
    2. Have an antique wardrobe or vanity sitting around? Furniture paint can be used to change the colour to adapt it to your room. It is time consuming but these vintage pieces add extra flare
    3. Have an old armoire lying around? But you're not a fan of the top of it? Have the top removed and have a glass counter top added. This is a great way to change your existing furniture and to add a modernized twist




These are just a few ways that you can create a functional and stylish bedroom for teenagers. Focus on using furniture and designs which allow the room to breathe and don’t take away from the floor space. Quite often people don’t realize that they may already have the majority of things they need to brighten up their space simply by reusing items and changing their colours! Shopping around at Home Decor stores will also give you a better idea of different price availability for what you are looking for!


The Fresh Approach Team,


Allana Thompson, Christy D'Oliveira, Kyrsten Feere


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