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A Few Quick Tips on a "Fresh Face Lift" For Your Home!

July 31, 2013 - Updated: July 31, 2013

A Few Quick Design Tips to give your home a "Fresh Face Lift"


Often home owners think that in order to change the look of their homes space they need to spend serious money and time. However there are very simple things that you can do to your home on a room to room basis which will give your home a "Fresh Face Lift" at a low budget cost! Often we over look the possibility of reusing things already within our home or the simplicity of adding new accessories to a space! Some things are so simple and right in front of our eyes that we over look them! Before you make any drastic changes to your space consider what simple changes can be made by switching up the colour scheme and decor or reusing different things throughout your home and you may end up satisfied and learn to re-love your room!


Tips for the whole home:

A Fresh Coat of Paint- Everyone says this.... However when painting your home often people will choose colours to harsh for their space and will not stick to a neutral decor pallet which can easily be accessorized. If you are still in the deciding phases of just WHAT colour and tone your room to represent stick to a neutral colour! 

A few tips for painting:

Wash walls before beginning- often dirt can build up on the walls which we can not see. Paint will not adhere properly to walls that are dirty or will appear discoloured or spotty in areas. Simply wash down your walls with water and pine sol to ensure they are dust and dirt free!

Get sample paint of the colour you want and One shade DARKER and one shade LIGHTER depending on the natural light and layout of your room the different options will allow you to see which tone actually compliments your room the best. 

Baseboards!! Often very over looked re-painting your baseboards can make a HUGE difference in your home! We recommend Cloud White by Benjamin Moore- this particular white is not too too white however is very crisp and fresh and works great with every colour pallet. 


Light Fixtures:

Refinishing existing fixtures by spray painting them to a different tone can make a huge difference throughout the look and presentation of your home! See which fixtures you can re-use and try them out. A cheap and quick way to create a new vibe throughout your room. 

Fixtures can be expensive so shop around for different options... but switching up the fixtures throughout your home can make a huge difference to how your room appears. 

Window Coverings:

Almost every room will have window coverings and we have told our clients time and time again simply changing the window coverings can make a significant difference on the appearance of the room and also the amount of natural light let through. Not only are there very many different options for window coverings including sheer which allow in more natural light but there are also very unique and funky curtain rods and curtain wall holders which can add a great pop and focal point around your windows. 



Bored of your kitchens look? Try a simple switch- Placemats and Table Cloth. As simple as it may sound switching your placemat and table cloth can create a whole new presentation throughout your room and you would be surprised the amount of people that notice. 

As with every room you can also change your kitchen decor- pictures, art, knick knacks.... try places like bou clair, home sense, sears, and even good will ! You will be surprised what you can find. 

Family Room:

Is your family room looking bla? Try new throw pillows and throw blankets. Focus on using a brighter or new colour throughout the room.... The use of new colours in your space will create a new atmosphere and is a quick and simple change at a low cost. Or maybe look for a focal piece such as an old chair... often there are diamonds in the rough looking to be refinished- Very old unique furniture can be found and refinished with new coverings and they look wicked in any space! They are versatile as they work in every room. 

Have a fireplace? Try painting your mantle around it! 



In almost every bathroom we will see some form of matching decorations ranging from tooth brush holders, soap dishes, towels etc.... A quick and easy fix- neutral towels! A crisp beige or oatmeal colour will work with every colour pallet you could ever imagine. Alternatively changing the knick knacks throughout your bathroom will automatically refresh the entire space. 




Often when people become border of their bedroom they think they need to change the entire space including their bedding which can become quite costly! When often tell our clients they may just be missing that one thing.... it is a matter of figuring out what that one thing is! A quick and easy fix in a bedroom to add dimension is potted faux flowers. Many home decor stores will sell inexpensive vases and faux flowers- the great thing about these is there are many unique and wicked styles available and no matter the decor throughout your room you can always change the flowers. This simple addition creates a focal point and draws the eye to many different areas throughout your room. Another simple fix within your bedroom- Add a new mirror- you can pick up a new mirror from as little as $20.00 and UP! However adding a new mirror in your room can break up and differentiate the space. 

If your bed room is dark and dreary opt for sheer curtains. If your room is to bright however you don't like dark curtains opt for double sided curtain rods (or simply install a tension rod behind the decorative curtain rod) this will allow you to place two levels of sheer curtains or the curtains of your choice. Not only do they look amazing with contrasting different colours they also help to keep even more light out. 



For those of you who have an at home office you will understand that there can be a very extreme love and hate relationship with that space! When I designed by at home office I focused on re-using many old pictures and decor that I had kept throughout the years within my home. It created a very eclectic space and I was able to re-use previous knick knacks and spent little to no money! Although the vast majority of office equipment can be very cold their are many different collections at office stores or home decor stores which are very functional and stylish. They just help to add to your happy and unique place!


Just remember that often the changes you fear are rather quite simple and can be made to be cost effective! It is just a matter of trying to re-use or making simple switches and thinking outside the box. Any questions about your home and design tips to help increase your homes value? Contact The Fresh Approach Real Estate Team today for your free Comparative Market Analysis! 


The Fresh Approach Team, 

Allana Thompson, Christy D'Oliveira, Kyrsten Feere


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