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3 Simple Steps to De-Clutter!

February 6, 2013 - Updated: February 27, 2013


How to de-clutter your home in 3 Easy Steps



Over time in your home you can develop 'designated junk areas'. Even those these areas have never actually been designated that way they become areas where you drop things off after a day of work, or where things that you will ‘get to’ eventually go. As with everything else in life this becomes nature of habit! 


Eventually though you will go to look for something that you need and suddenly it is not in the ‘designated junk area’ and you become flustered and stressed looking for things.


Clearing away these junk areas and clutter can free your mind of stress and anxiety. Having organized and uncluttered areas will help you to feel better over all about the state of your home and where certain belongings are. Better organization will alleviate your stress and you will be able to be much more efficient on a day to day basis! 




How to de-clutter your home in 3 easy steps:


Step 1: Organize your thoughts


·       Remember that every time you make a purchase not only do these items cost money but they also require space; buy what you need and make the most of your purchases

·       Organize your purchases; make lists of what you need and when you need it- avoid over buying

·       Organize what you want and what you need; which of these two things are more important right now? And which one of these things are causing un needed junk?



Step 2: Make A Plan


·       Decide what you need to keep and what you can throw away- Identify the reasons why you are holding on to certain items

·       Set goals- can I cut down spending if I organize better? How can I better use this space?

·       Make a plan; set out attainable goals for yourself. Focus on making a plan room by room to better utilize space.



Step 3:


·       After going through Step 2 develop a system which works for you on how to organize unwanted items.

·       Code each box so you know if you are disposing, sending to good will, or recycling items.

·       Itemize each box by type of item ie: clothes, trinkets, paper etc…







Examples of how to use the 3 step system: 





Step 1:


·       Create an inventory list of your kitchen items; what do you need and what do you want?

·       What items can you hold off on purchasing because of over stock or to save money

·       What kitchen tools do you immediately need? What can be removed to create more space?

·       Un wanted paper and mail hanging around on kitchen counters? Open the mail and itemize it in a system in an office room- removing unnecessary items and allocating a new organized space for them



Step 2:


·       Notice that you have 3 pairs of scissors and that 1 is broken? Identify why you have kept this pair- if you do not need them anymore throw them out creating more space and ridding yourself of unnecessary items

·       Make a plan of new ways to organize your kitchen space- is a drawer cluttered with unneeded kitchen tools? Make use of an un-used planter pot and put kitchen tools in the planter pot in order to free up space (also a nice decorative piece)

·       Organize kitchen cupboards and pantries so things are readily accessible- a way to cut down spending because you will be able to identify what you have on hand and what you need or do not need


Step 3:


·       After developing a system to re allocate unnecessary junk in your kitchen you will notice more free space and organization

·       Remove unneeded items and box them up. Itemize these things by labeling boxes







By following these 3 steps you will be able to de-clutter the rooms in your home. Organization extends into every facet of your life. By implementing these steps you will be able to cut down on unnecessary items and also save money and create a more useful living space. The organization of your home will make daily activities and tasks easier to complete and you will be able to complete them more effectively!


For more information about ways to organize your home or make the most of a smaller space check out our blog section for more tips and useful ideas! Any suggestions for things you would like to see on our blog? We would love to hear it via email -  


The Fresh Approach Real Estate Team, 


Allana Thompson, Christy D'Oliveira, Kyrsten Feere




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