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2013 Design Trends

June 4, 2013 - Updated: June 4, 2013

Design Trends for Summer 2013


At The Fresh Approach Real Estate Team not only are we Real Estate Agents but we also play partial rolls as designers, stagers, innovators of space etc….


Although each home is unique in its own we often see many different variations of the same or similar floor plans- what separates each home is the unique design taste and décor throughout. This can be done through many different outlets such as your furniture, paint colours, décor etc….


Quite often people will remember your home for a quirky design, accessories and focal points. “You know!! That House with that Great Wall-The Wall Paper Stuff”- statements like this can be heard from many different potential buyers when walking in through your home.





The use of design and focal points is something that can be greatly used to your advantage as a seller to have people remember your home as it differentiates it from similar homes in your neighbourhood.


So far this year we have seen many new design trends, and old design trends being recycled in a new way. Overall the new design trends tend to be leaning towards a very neutral design pallet for a room through monochromatic colouring and simplistic whimsical furniture. However these rooms do not appear so monochromatic and neutral because of the accessorizing and décor focal points used throughout.  


Here are a few of the 2013 Design Trends we have noticed;


Glazed Ceramic Lamps

A lamp is something you see in almost every room. However this spring and summer we have noticed home owners have a tendency to lean towards glazed ceramic lamps or they are refinishing old lamps with a new ceramic sheen.





Teal and Lime Green

Colour wise Teal and Lime Green have started to make quite the comeback- but not in a 1970’s way painted all over the walls. These two colours are heavily being used through accessories and décor pieces throughout the home. Because of their bright nature they create a fantastic colour pop!





Brass fixtures are also making a comeback- more and more commonly are we seeing brass fixtures throughout homes. Which is a nice change from traditional gold or silver which has been very common for the past few years.





Floral Elements

“Floral” pieces are more commonly being seen through homes in the form of drapery, art pieces, and area rugs. This trend however is not your typical floral pieces seen in the years past, they are very unusually and are encompassing many different design aspects and colourings.





Parisian Style Designs

Parisian style as a whole calls for clean cut lines, classic ornament, neutral tones. This style of furniture and room display is becoming more and more common. However the old traditional Parisian style designs were very often done in neutral tones of white and beige- a modern day twist has been added to this style of room through different uses of colour pop accessories to create texture.





Grass Cloth Wallpaper

YES Wallpaper! Wallpaper is not what it used to be. Texturized wall paper has become increasingly popular over the years, and has become a staple in most homes today. With the ability to choose many different colour schemes and design layouts grass cloth wallpaper looks absolutely fantastic!





Animal Influences

Animal and Nature influences are becoming very popular in today’s design world. They have however become more subtle through the use of small décor pieces, throw pillows and blankets.





Textured Décor Pieces

Texturizing of décor pieces can be seen very often. Anytime you go into a home design store look at the pieces that they have there, the majority of them now encompass different textures and patterns. Previously we saw very clean cut rounded pieces. The same general shape still appears however there are more emphasized lines and different patterning used throughout.




The use of design and focal points can turn a very simplistic room into something much more. It can create a different ambience throughout and can create a more inviting space. Also one of the benefits of using design pieces as your focal points as opposed to furniture is the cost savings associated with them. The design focal points and accessories you picked up can also be re-used in different rooms or at a later date!


If you have any questions about your homes value and what designing and staging tips you can use to increase your homes value contact one of our team members today!


The Fresh Approach Team with Keller Williams Realty Solutions, 

Allana Thompson, Chrsity D'Oliveira, Kyrsten Feere


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