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10 Steps to take to Pet Proof Your Home!

June 26, 2013 - Updated: June 26, 2013

10 Simple Steps to Pet Proof Your Home


As we all know our furry little friends like to get into everything! Often pet owners will come home to a mess…. There are simple steps and precautions you can take to pet proof your home and to ensure that your pet is safe!


Gated Area:


One way to make sure your pets don’t get into certain areas, especially puppies is to gate them into a certain area. You can simply use a baby gate to block access to other rooms in your home. We recommend gating them into a tiled area such as a kitchen or a mud-room. Incase there is a mess left by your pets it is very easy to clean up on a tiled surface where as on hardwood or carpet you risk damaging the flooring! This is a very important tip for those of you who have young pups.


Hide all toiletries:


These curious creatures can get into things you wouldn't’t even imagine. As a pet owner myself I have come home to toiletries scattered amongst various rooms, and moved throughout my bathroom when left open. It is best to secure them inside a cupboard and to make sure your counters are clear of any debris.


Use Bitter Bite!


Bitter Bite is a pet product that you can buy at your local pet store. It is bitter to the taste and is odourless and will not create a stain. If your pet seems to be chewing on items in your house spraying this will ensure they stop!


Protect Your Cupboards and Edgings:


Above we mentioned Bitter Bite- we recommend also spraying this on cabinet edges and baseboards as pets love to get into those when they can no longer chew on your couches or pillows. Another alternative to avoid nail scratches and bites is to simply put padding on the edges of them. Also protect your cupboards by using child lock devices.


Plants and Pets Don’t Mix:


Be careful when you are putting out new plants in your home. Almost all pets are toxic when ingested by animals. Make sure the plants are out of reach for your pet or do research before putting them into your home to make sure that they will not harm your animal.


Beware of Wires:


Tuck away any exposed wires! Pets love to chew, and move things around! To avoid potential pet harm or broken lamps etc…. tuck these wires away or make sure they are out of your pets reach.


Hide Trash:


Pets loveee trash! I have come home to my own home many a time to see various trash can items scattered across the floors. Make sure your trash cans are always locked away in a cupboard or the door is closed into bathrooms! Depending on what is left in trash not only is it a pain to clean up but many items in our trash cans are toxic, and human food is not good for our friends.


Clear your floor:


Shoes, Towels, Toys, You name it! They will be chewed! Make sure all knick knacks are put away.


Crate Your Pets:


If you want to completely eliminate temptation crate your pets before you leave your home.


Be Smart:


Take that extra 5 minutes to let your pets out, and make sure they are fed before leaving the house to avoid any messes!


Hopefully these tips help on how to “Pet Proof” Your Home!


The Fresh Approach Real Estate Team,


Allana Thompson, Christy D’Oliveira, Kyrsten Feere

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